School Admissions

Admission Arrangements

South Gloucestershire Local Authority (LA) determines the school’s admission policy.  The LA operates a ‘rising fives’ policy which means that children who are 4 by 31st August generally start school in September of that year. The age for compulsory education is the term after a child’s 5thbirthday. Parents are asked to register their interest at our school as early as possible to inform the school of future numbers. In September before your child starts school, the LA application form can be accessed online. This application should be completed and returned to South Gloucestershire promptly. Parents are notified whether a place is available in March the following year. When places have been allocated, a New Parents’ Meeting is held at school during the summer term to give details of admission arrangements.

Standard Number

The standard number for Hambrook is 30. If more than the Standard Number of pupils apply for places in any one year group, then we are ‘oversubscribed’ and the Local Authority deals with the offers of places. These offers are made according to the Local Authority’s Criteria for Admission which are:

1. Children in Public Care.

2. Special Educational Needs: where the child has a physical or mental impairment that has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on his or her ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities and this requires admission to the school applied for.

3. Local siblings: local siblings are defined as only those siblings living within the Area of Prime Responsibility; or, where there is no Area of Prime Responsibility, local siblings will be deemed to be those living up to a maximum of 2 miles from school by the nearest available walking route; or, where the distance is over 2 miles but the school is still the nearest school.

4. Geographical considerations (including reference to Areas of Prime Responsibility where appropriate).

5. Tie Breaker: where it does not prove possible to resolve allocations to an over-subscribed school by the application of criteria 1-4, any remaining places will be allocated by drawing lots.

An appeal procedure is available for unsuccessful applicants.

Admission to other school years is dependent upon the existence of suitable vacancies within the relevant year group and an approach should be made to the school in the first instance. Open days at Hambrook are held in the autumn term of each year when prospective parents can tour the school and raise questions with staff and children. Individual visits are always welcome by appointment through the school office. 

Starting School in Reception

Starting school can be a big step for a child and we try to ensure that each child is helped to settle in happily and quickly.  During the Summer Term, prior to entry, an evening meeting is held for parents. At this meeting, arrangements are made for the children to make visits to school to meet the teacher and other children in their class. Home visits by the teacher and teaching assistant to the child’s home are also part of our induction policy. Parents have told us that they find these visits very helpful, but if you would prefer to meet the teacher at school we are happy to arrange this.

These induction arrangements give children an opportunity to become familiar with the teacher and the school surroundings. It is also an opportunity for parents to discuss any particular concerns or queries. During the first four weeks in September, children attend on a part-time basis, so that the teacher can get to know them in a smaller group before the whole class attends together. More information about these arrangements is given during the summer term.

For more information on school admissions please follow this link to the South Gloucestershire Council website:

South Gloucestershire Admissions