What does Maths look like at Hambrook?

Maths at Hambrook


We know that as parents and carers you want to be able to have clear understanding of how we teach maths so you are able to support your children with their mathematical development at home .  

Whether it is continuing to support the maths learning that has happened in the classroom, having new ideas to practise skills or some guidance on what methods are being taught and how.

The following pages will offer you a wealth of support in every aspect of mathematics and the resources below will allow you to discover what maths is like at Hambrook.

Our Maths Curriculum
Calculation Policy
Have a look at our calculation policy below which outlines the mathematical strategies and methods we teach in EYFS, KS1 and KS2. 
Talk in Mathematics
We want our students to be creative mathematicians who can find their own paths to a solution rather than blindly following a prescribed set of steps or rules. We want them to be flexible thinkers who can find more than one way towards a solution and we want them to be expert communicators who can follow the mathematical thinking of their peers, question, critique, and ultimately learn from one another.
Mathematical talk is essential to develop children's understanding of mathematics. Purposeful talk can clarify, refine and extend understanding of important mathematical language and concepts. At Hambrook, we provide lots of opportunities for talk within our lessons and at other points in the day. Have a look at our progression document below which outlines how we support this.