STEM at Hambrook

Science is all around us!

At Hambrook Primary School we believe that scientific investigation is one of the most powerful ways to learn; developing curiosity and perseverance as well as challenging what we know about the world. We aim to make science as practical as possible, linking it to real-life contexts and giving meaning to our learning.

The National Curriculum provides the structure and skills progression for the Science curriculum taught across the school. At Hambrook, Science is taught throughout the year but we dedicate the spring term science-themed topics. 


What does Science look like at Hambrook?

Pupils begin each science unit with a Big Question to consider.  These are designed as a hook into the unit, to identify misconceptions and as a way of assessing pupils' knowledge and understanding. Teachers can then use the pre/post-unit assessments to show the progression in how children explain and justify their thinking using appropriate scientific vocabulary.  

Throughout each unit, key vocabulary is identified and children are given the opportunity to design, explore and investigate using practical experiments, discussion and research.