School dinners

Changes to current school dinner menu (Apr - Oct 2018)
Two changes (swaps) have been made to the current menu.  See below for details.  A copy of the revised menu is also below.
Week 1: the vegetarian options on Thursday and Friday have been swapped.
This means macaroni cheese will now be served on Thursday, and chunky vegetable lasagne on Friday.
Week 3: the 'meat' options on Tuesday and Wednesday have been swapped.
This means hot dogs & onions will now be served on Tuesday, and baked gammon on Wednesday. 
These swaps are permanent for the remainder of the dates shown on the menu.
Dinner Money
You can access the Sims Agora dinner money payment system by clicking on the link below.
If you have any queries or any issues with logging in/making payments, please call the school office and we will try our very best to help you!