School dinners

Slight change to our October 2017 - March 2018 menu:
There are two swaps to the current menu.
WEEK ONE: The vegetarian options on Thursday and Friday will be swapped.
This means the veggie option on Thursday will be Macaroni Cheese, and on Friday will be Spinach & Sweet Potato Curry & Rice.
WEEK THREE: The vegetarian options on Monday and Tuesday will be swapped.
This means the veggie option on Monday will be Five Bean Chilli, and on Tuesday will be Macaroni Cheese.
Dinner Money
Our new system for collecting dinner money is now up and running.
Any credits that were held on accounts as at 24th March 2016 have been applied where applicable.
Parents will have now received a letter with your unique activation code in order to register.
We have attached a 'how-to' guide below.
You can access the Sims Agora dinner money payment system by clicking on the link above.
You will need a Microsoft account in order to register and use the system, but the how-to guide below provides full details on how to set this up. 
If you have any queries please call the school office and we will try our very best to help you!