School Council

Hambrook School Council

At Hambrook Primary School two children from each year group, Foundation Stage to Year 6, are elected by their peers to form our School Council.

The School Council’s role is to help make the school a better place to learn and play. The Council helps to decide what needs improving and look at ways in which this can be done. They meet every month to discuss any current issues, concerns or developments.

Council members are responsible for feeding back information to their classes and class teachers and obtaining the views of their peers before making informed decisions about the school. They also select a charity for our school to support.

In the last year the School Council have successfully introduced ways to help improve behaviour and reduce noise in the hall at lunchtimes.  To do this they developed a list of Dining Hall Rules which are now displayed in the hall and supported the introduction of golden tickets or sanctions to improve the standard of behaviour at mealtimes.  They also introduced the “Golden Table” where children are invited to sit with a friend if they have been nominated by members of staff or other children for displaying signs that they are following the chosen rule of the week. 

Alongside this the School Council were involved in helping to design the Lunchtime playground zones which were introduced in February this year.  In Previous years we have been involved in the development of the Adventure Playground and various charity initiatives.

As a school we have been lucky enough to be involved with other local primary school councils coming together in order to share ideas and experiences.

(See below for the Power Point that our pupils shared with other local School Councils)

Being involved in The School Council allows children to develop interpersonal skills and confidence, be actively involved in the decision making processes of the school community and allows them to understand how democratic processes work.