Remote Learning Platform

Remote Learning 
Please find details below of our Remote Learning Policy and other useful documents to help you with providing remote learning at home in the case of your child having to self isolate.
Our Approach to Remote Learning
Please find below our Remote Learning Policy.
My Remote Learning
If my bubble has to close and I need to self isolate at home, this guide will help me (and my Mum/Dad/Carer) use our Google Classroom.
What shall I do on Day 1 of Isolation?
Depending on when a class bubble has to go into isolation, the class teacher may require some time to get the classroom learning transferred to remote learning. Therefore, on the first day of isolation, you may be asked to try out some of these activities initially. 
EYFS Remote Learning
If I am in EYFS and my bubble has to close, this guide will show me (and my Mum/Dad/Carer) what my teachers will provide for me.
Helpful Overview for Parents
Please find a useful overview for parents on what to do when your child has to self isolate.
Children's Code of Conduct for Using Google Classroom
If and when one of our bubbles have to close, children will be using our Google Classroom Platform. 
A Code of Conduct for using Google Classroom has been created to ensure the safety of all our children whilst using this platform.