October 2017

1st October 2017
Parent Consultations
Our parent consultation evenings will be on Tuesday 7th and Thursday 9th November.  
From 12pm on Monday 30th October, you will be able to book a slot to see your child's teacher. 
If your child has an IEP (this stands for Individual Education Plan - you will have already been told if this is the case), please continue to book a parent consultation appointment as detailed below.
As in previous years this will be done via our e-Schools online booking system. You will need to access our website and click 'log in', and you'll need your e-Schools username and password which will have already been given to you.  
If you need a password reset please contact the school office but please do this well in advance of booking your appointment!  We would be grateful if you would please keep a record or memorise your details.  We do use the same booking system every time and if you have your details to hand, it will save you and the office time in having to retrieve your details and reset your password.
For those of you who have the e-Schools app on your phone (apple or android), we are pleased to say that appointments can now been booked by accessing the app. 
**Please note - if you've had the app for a while, you may need to update it or even uninstall/re-install it before you are able to access the booking system.  When logging in, if you need to enter the school name in the top box, please enter it as 'hambrook-pri' before proceeding to enter your personal log in details.
If you need help with the booking process, e-Schools have step-by-step tutorials on their own dedicated YouTube channel to help you.  Search for e-schools then go to 'videos'.
If booking via the school website on desktop/tablet, the video you'll need is called 'Parents evening: Booking an appointment'.
If booking via the app on an apple or android phone it's 'Parents evening - How to book via the app'.
If you have any problems please contact the school office.  We will not be able to book appointments for you, but will be happy to help you with the booking process.
The booking window will remain open until 12pm on 7th November.
Harvest Festival 2017  
This year, our school council (made up of children from each year group) have decided not to ask for donations of fruit & vegetables for Harvest Festival (which is then bought by parents at a Harvest Sale). 
Instead, they have asked that we donate items to give to our local food bank for those in need.  We think this is a lovely idea and we've been in contact with Trussell Trust who run the food bank nearest to us.  They have given us a list of items needed, please see below.  Please can the items be brought into school next week, by Wednesday at the latest.  This will mean we have the items ready for our Harvest Service on Thursday 19th October (9:15am in the school hall, all parents welcome).  Thank you.