January 2017

1st January 2017
Chinese New Year 
Please see below for our special menu for Thursday 26th January! 

School Census: Collection of Pupil Nationality & Country of birth

Please see below for information we’ve received from the Department for Education regarding the request for us to collect pupil nationality and country of birth.  We asked for this information on the orange 'data collection' sheets that were sent home with your child at the beginning of the school year.

'The school census is used for the purpose of improving and promoting the education and well-being of children in England. It helps us to make sure we are allocating funds where they are needed and that no groups of children are missing out on the education they deserve.

This year we asked schools for additional information on the nationality, country of birth and English language proficiency of pupils. You may be aware that the collection of this data has resulted in some concerns from parents and questioning as to the process and purpose behind it.

This new data will help us understand a range of factors, allowing us to better plan to meet needs within the school system. For example, what extra support we may need to provide to schools with high numbers of children who don't speak or understand English sufficiently to access the curriculum, whether particular groups of pupils are making good progress with their education, or where there is evidence of good practice with children of different nationalities that could be shared. Understanding trends in migration and the associated needs in the school system helps us ensure that all children, wherever they are from, have the best possible education' Caroline Kempner, Head of Education Data Division, Department for Education

 School Census and Free Infant School Meals    

As you may already be aware, the numbers of infant/KS1 (YR, Y1 and Y2) children having a school dinner on Census day directly affects the Universal Infant Free School Meals funding we receive. 

Last year, low numbers of dinners taken on Census day meant a loss of funding, for some schools it was as much as £7000.

The next Census takes place on Thursday 19th January and we would really appreciate your support.  

It’s really easy for you to help us, all we ask is that your (KS1) child/children have a school dinner that day.  The more pupils having a school dinner, the more funding the school receives.  There is no cost to you for infant school dinners. 

The school dinner menu states that it’s pizza on Thursday 19th (please see school dinner menu on our website for full details).  This is usually a popular lunch choice! 

Thank you as always for your support.

Time4Reading school awards
A letter was sent home with the children on Friday 6th January regarding South Gloucestershire's Time4Reading school awards.
Please see below for a copy of the letter, plus book lists for children and adults!
Have fun reading and let's go for gold!