Home School Agreement

We recognise that children’s first teachers are their parents and we seek to build on  parents’ knowledge of their children. From the outset we endeavour to establish a  partnership between parents, children and school in which information, successes and  concerns are shared. Individual termly targets for children are negotiated and agreed by  child, parents and teachers.

Parents and friends are always welcome in school to observe, help and support. It is school policy that all regular Voluntary Helpers undergo a CRB (police)check.  We welcome comments and questions and seek to keep parents fully informed about all aspects of their children’s life in school. Our home/school agreement exists to ensure  that all partners understand both expectations and responsibilities.

Responsibilities of the School 

∙ to develop each child’s individual talents as fully as possible 
∙ to teach effectively and to set the highest standards of work and behaviour 
∙ to care for each child at school as a good parent of a large family 
∙ to prepare children to make the best possible contribution to the wider community 
∙ to encourage regular communication with parents as a basis for close co-operation between              home and school 
∙ to report at least annually in writing on each child’s progress

Responsibilities of the Parent/Carer

∙ to demonstrate by example that you support the school in setting the highest standard in all that it tries to    do 
∙ to make sure that your children come to school, regularly, on time, refreshed, alert, suitably         dressed and ready to work 
∙ to take an active and supportive role in your child’s work and progress 
∙ to support the authority and discipline of the school, helping children to develop self discipline        and self control 
∙ to control your child’s use of leisure time activities and amusements 
∙ to support the school’s homework policy

Responsibilities of the Pupil 

∙ to attend school regularly, on time, ready to learn and to take part in school activities
∙ to aim for the highest standards in all aspects of school life 
∙ to co-operate with staff and to accept the authority and rules of conduct of the school 
∙ to consider and respect the feelings and property of other people both in school and the wider        community 
∙ to care for the grounds, buildings, furniture, equipment and books provided for the school