February 2017

1st February 2017
World Book Day - Thursday 2nd March
We invite all children to come to school dressed as a character from a book!
Please see letter below for more details.
Parent Consultations
Our next Parent Consultation evenings are on Monday 27th February and Wednesday 1st March.  
As on previous occasions, bookings can be made via our online booking system.  You will need to access our website and click 'log in', and you'll need your e-Schools username and password which will have already been given to you.  If you need a password reset please contact the school office, but we would be grateful if you would please keep a record or memorise your details.  We do use the same booking system every time and if you have your details to hand, it will save you and the office time in having to retrieve your details and reset your password.
Please note, appointments cannot be booked using the e-Schools app and can only be booked via the website as above.   
Please follow the steps below:
  • Once you have logged in, please select 'parents evening' from the blue bar running across the page. 
  • On the next screen you'll see a yellow box with 'parent consultations' written in it - please click there.
  • On the next screen, please select your child's name (on the left, about halfway down).  You'll then see a blue box on the right hand side saying 'book'.  Please click there.  The available appointments will be displayed and you'll be able to select one. If you have more than one child at the school, you'll need to repeat the steps for each child.
Please note, if your child has an IEP, bookings should be made directly with your child's teacher.
The booking window will remain open until lunchtime on Monday 27th February.